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RACE: Serpent-Drake; however, usually takes a more humanoid form AGE: Unknown GENDER: Female; however, can be male depending what form she chooses to take. HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 130 lbs. BUILD: Average, yet well muscled WEAPONS: Large serrated blade forged of unknown and very strong metals. She obtained it from a demon's treasure trove as a gift. Powers of this remarkable sword are yet to be found. ABILITIES: Can work both Patryn and Sartan spells. Also, can work all Herald-Mage Adept spells. Feeds off hatred, fear, pain and deceit. A serpent-drake is, in reality, created of pure evil and cannot be killed as long as hatred and fear exist. However, it can be weakened and contained. Evil can take any form. Therefore, ChuMana is an Adept shapeshifter. Formiddable enemy that is not recommended for those of lesser skill than a demi-god to fight. BASIC PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, does things to intentionally to make people angry or to make them turn against one another (this helps her feed), VERY deceitful. Sister to Sang-drax. Has tracked down LarLan to free her brother and obtain her revenge.

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